My Golden Year Journey

My Golden Year Journey

We have always been told that our golden birthday has a little bit of magic to it. Turning 23 on the 23rd sounds a lot more fun than just turning 23. (Nobody likes you when you’re 23 according to Blink-182)
A very unreliable source (urban dictionary) states that not all golden birthdays are considered equal. It suggests that some dates and ages hold specific types of “powers”.

Do I believe that this holds truth? Not necessarily. Coincidently my golden birthday fell on a date that ” Is an ever-shifting entity that at times holds nearly infinite levels of power. This can be dangerous and has the potential to unknown chaos’.” 

I found this out on my 23rd birthday but it just sounded like some crazy voodoo shit. 

Well I’m here to tell you, coincidence or not, 23 turned out to be one big year of chaos for me. 

I didn’t get the job, I totaled my car, I had emergency surgery, Trump became President. What a crazy year. 

But then I got to thinking, what if all of that chaos was actually the best luck I’ve ever had? 

What if I didn’t get the job because my dream job is just around the corner? What if I dodged a semi just before that car crashed into me where both of us walked away unharmed? What if the reason why I collapsed in pain on vacation in Florida was because that’s where the best surgeon for the job was located? 

I’ve held a grudge against 23 claiming it to be “the worst year of my life.” For so long I felt sorry for myself for the events that took place. 

Not anymore. What ever “power” that was out to get me this year did not succeed. I am a stronger, more thankful, and better person because of these experiences.

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.”

Bring it on 24, let’s see what you’ve got!!


Elephant Rocks State Park: Hidden Missouri Gem

Elephant Rocks State Park: Hidden Missouri Gem

Elephant Rocks State Park, one of the most curious geologic formations in Missouri.

One might ask why these rocks are referred to as elephants, it is because giant boulders of ancient granite stand end-to-end like a train of circus elephants.

Molten rock, called magma, accumulated deep below the earth’s surface. The magma slowly cooled, forming red granite rock. Once the granite boulders are formed, atmospheric weathering continues to modify their shapes and surfaces even today.

These are some of the oldest rocks in south-central and eastern United States – about 1.5 billion years old! Dumbo, (picture #3) is 27 feet tall, 34 feet long, 17 feet wide and tips the scales at a hefty 680 tons. Maybe he should lay off the peanuts πŸ˜‰

Most of the trails are ADA- compliant which makes them accessible for everyone!

We loaded up the hound, packed a picnic lunch, and headed on our 1.5 hour drive to the park! We decided to visit on the 4th of July weekend. It was beautiful weather, but we did not expect it to be as crowded as it was. Lots of little kiddos running around!

Overall though the park was a lot of fun and the rocks were super cool to see/climb on! We will definitely be going back!