My Epic 2017 Road Trip Playlist: 100 Songs

100 Epic Songs for a Road Trip!

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Elephant Rocks State Park: Hidden Missouri Gem

Elephant Rocks State Park, one of the most curious geologic formations in Missouri. One might ask why these rocks are referred to as elephants, it is because giant boulders of ancient granite stand end-to-end like a train of circus elephants. Molten rock, called magma, accumulated deep below the earth’s surface. The magma slowly cooled, forming […]

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Throwback Thursday: Kings Canyon National Park

Today marks exactly 1 year ago that I visited Kings Canyon National Park for the first time! (Side note, I first wrote this post without knowing it was exactly 1 year ago so I’m basically a psychic). The back story to this is actually a little bit different than just taking a trip to a […]

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